Sector Specific Successes / Electronics

Mr.Ch.Mallikarjun Chary, from Kattangoor Village, Nalgonda District, underwent "Mobile Repairing" training program during Jan-Feb. 2008 in the campus. He studied up to intermediate only and hails from Backward Class Community falling under BPL. He lost his father when he was a child and the only source of income was her mother who was a agri labor. Due to poverty, he could not pursue his higher education and thus opted for the course offered free of cost by this Insitute. This situtaion made him to put all his effort on the course offered by the Institute and he excelled in the training. 

Soon after completing the course, the Institute placed him at "M/s Big C Mobiles", Hyderabad with a initial salary of Rs. 6,000/- in the year 2008. He served the organization for 2 years and later shifted to his native place i.e. Nalgonda, where he worked for a Mobile Servicing Center for another 2 years. He turned out to be well experienced in respect of sales and service operations, which led him to start his own enterprise i.e. "Omkar Mobiles" at Kattangoor village with an initial investment of Rs. 40,000/- in the year 2012. Presently, he is very proud of saying that his monthly turnover is more than Rs. 1.50 lakh with a net income of Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month. Further, he employed 2 more youth in his outlet. He expressed his uptmost gratitute to SRTRI. He may be contacted at: 9492186282. The Institute offeres its best wishes for his continued progress.


Mr.Y.Sattaiah, from Narayanpur (M), Yadadri District, took up course in "Electronic Mechanism" during April-June, 2004 in the campus. Prior to joining the course, he pursued I.T.I. (Electrical) from Nalgonda but was unemployed. His parents are agri. labor and belong to BPL family of scheduled caste community. The situation made him to undergo the course in SRTRI, where he was given sound practical knowledge and other needed inputs.
After completion of the training, the Institute placed him at "Kavuri Foundation", a skill imparting institute at Nampally, Hyderabad as Course Instructor for "Electronic Mechanism" program at a monthly salary of Rs. 4,000/-. He served the foundation for 4 years and during the same period he also worked as Electrical Technician for few "Consumer Electronic Repair Units" at Koti, Hyderabad. With this sound experience, during 2008, he joined "M/s Intex Technologies India Ltd.", Begampet, Hyderabad as "Service Engieer" with a monthly salary of Rs. 8,000/- p.m. Presenly, he is serving the same company as  "Area Service Manager - Telangana and Andhra" at monthly salary of Rs. 30,000/- pm. plus perfornace incentives. He is the most happiest person on his career progress. He can be contacted: 8978283868. The Institute is very proud and offeres its best wishes.


Mr.Ch.Narender, from Valigonda (V&M), Nalgonda district, underwent "Mobile Repairing" course in the campus during January - February 2008. He hails from a BPL family and belongs to backward class community. His parents are handloom weavers, with two children. He studied up to SCC only and could not pursue higher education, rather supported his family occupation of handloom weaving for few years. Having experienced the crisis in handloom sector, his parents encouraged him to pursue some technical course, and thus he joined the course at SRTRI.
After completing the course at the Institute, he served for a private small Mobile Service Center at Choutuppal for four months and later joined and served for "Big C Mobiles", Hyderabad for another four months. Then he took a bold decision of promoting his own micro enterprise i.e. "Navya Mobiles" at Ramanthapur, Hyderabad in the year 2009 with an initial investment of Rs. 50,000/-. The budget was sourced from his own savings and loans from relatives. Since then, he has been running the mobile outlet most successfully with a turnover of more than Rs. 8.00 lakh per annum and earning anywhere between Rs. 30,000/- to Rs. 40,000/- per month as net income. He provided employment to two more youth in his shop. He can be contacted at: 8686268844. The Institute extends a warm wishes for his progress and success.

Mr.G.Naveen, from Bhoodan Pochampally, Yadadri District, underwent course in "Mobile Repairing" during October - November 2010. He studied up to SSC only and hails from backward class community. His parents earn their livelihood through handloom weaving activity. Before joining the course, he helped his family for few years. However, he could not make a good living in the family profession and took up the present course.
After completing the course, he was placed with "M/s Samsung Authorised Service Center", Malakpet, Hyderabad in the year 2010 itself, He served the center for 5 years with a monthly salary ranged between Rs. 4,000/- p.m. (beginning) and Rs. 15,000 p.m.  (at the time of leaving). Presently, he is working for "Realiance JIO", Malakpet, Hyderabad as a "Jio Executive" with a monthly salary of Rs. 20,500/- plus incentives. He can be reached at : 9948538312. SRTRI congratulates him and extendes its best wishes.